Masternode-Coin is a coin that pays a dividend and is backed by real estate. Technically, the coin’s blockchain is based on Dash/Pivx. 50% of the coins are generated by the real estate company, 50% are generated by masternode rewards.

About us

Masternode Network (joint stock corporation) is behind Masternode-Coin. The company is registered in Georgia because of favorable economic conditions and because the government is open to cryptocurrencies.

Coin generation

There is a total 200,000,000 (200 million) Masternode-Coins.

50% of the coins are premined:

These coins are backed by real estate. They are under custody of the real estate company Georgia Invest JSC (joint stock company) and 100 coins are issued per issued share. It is ensured that coins for a shared that has not been issued yet are not placed into circulation. These newly generated coins have a minimum holding period of 24 months.

50% of the coins result from masternode rewards:

Block time 10 minutes
Masternode collateral: 1,000 coins
Block reward 10 coins


There are wallets for Windows and Linux for download. Users have full control over the private keys in these wallets and can use all the usual wallet features, such as sending coins, receiving coins, or setting up their own masternodes.

The customer can also leave his coins in the standard webwallet. In it, there are no private keys, but the customer does not have to worry about anything and will get the generated returns from their masternode transferred automatically every week to their account in bitcoins. If the customer wants to sell their coins, they can also transfer them from the webwallet, for example, on an exchange.


Contracts will be concluded with at least 2 external exchanges so that the coin can be traded anytime. Furthermore, Masternode Network will operate its own exchange. This is to ensure that the coins are always traded above the issue price.

Real estate

All apartments offered for sale by Georgia Invest JSC real estate fund may be paid in full or in part with Masternode-Coin. This ensures that the coins will always have a value.


Q4 2018 – Masternode-Coin website is online
Q1 2019 – apartments can be paid for with coins.
Q3 2019 – wallets for Windows and Linux will be available.
Q4 2019 – exchanges will be available.