• Namensänderung: Masternode-Network
    wird zu Batumi-Project

    und Masternode-Coin wird zu Batumi-Coin

    Alle Verträge, Provisionen und Auszahlungen laufen unverändert weiter.
    Der neue Name soll mehr Emotionen bei den Kunden und Partnern wecken.
    Das neue Logo vom Batumi-Coin sieht wie ein Casino-Chip aus und der Coin soll auch in den Casinos akzeptiert werden.


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What is Masternode-Network?

Your path to financial independence

The special thing about the Masternode-Coin is that this coin, firstly, pays a weekly dividend, and, secondly, is real estate secured. In addition, you will receive a commission for the sale of Masternode-Coins and/or a commission for your downline.

What are masternodes, actually?

Masternodes are special computers that perform transfers of cryptocurrencies. For this, they receive transaction fees and newly generated coins. We pass on the generated returns to our customers and can thus pay out a dividend.

Customer packages

$1.000 Masternode - 8% Returns
$2.000 Masternode - 10% Returns
$5.000 Masternode - 12% Returns
$10.000 Masternode - 15% Returns
$20.000 Masternode - 18% Returns
annual returns
with weekly payout!


Seller: 10% Commission
2. Levels: 4% Commission
3. Levels: 3% Commission
4. Levels: 2% Commission
5. Levels: 1% Commission
Plus career bonus!


All commissions and earnings are paid every Wednesday without a wait time. If payments have been made by Monday evening, earnings will be paid out pro rata on the following Wednesday.

Career steps

additional commissions depending on rank

Value increase of coins

in addition to the weekly payout

real estate secured!

You also receive dividends from the real estate company.


Georgia Invest JSC

Masternode-Coin is hedged by Georgia Invest JSC (joint stock company). This company acquires land, real estate and hotel projects in Georgia. Batumi is also referred to as Las Vegas on the Black Sea and is a crazy fast developing holiday destination. All major hotel brands have opened hotels in Batumi. Batumi is even the only city under 250,000 inhabitants worldwide in which all major hotel brands are represented. Many visitors come to Batumi also for the hotel casinos and, of course, the casinos bring good revenue. Land and construction costs are still relatively cheap here and thus can generate high profits. These profits are distributed as dividends.

You will receive 1 share of Georgia Invest JSC for every 100 Masternode-Coins you buy!

High returns

Depending on the investment, returns of 8%–18% a year are guaranteed

High commissions

10% sales commission


Downline over 5 levels


Additional commissions for executives over a further 5 levels

Unlimited term

Unlimited term, as the coins are preserved on the masternode servers

Automatic payments

You will automatically receive payouts every week


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